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At Soltion Studios, we prioritize safe and secure trading between our team and all clients. These ToS outline the terms and conditions for transactions involving our premade products and custom projects. By visiting our website, purchasing our products, or joining our Discord server, you acknowledge and agree to these ToS. Please review them carefully.

  1. Premades: These are pre-created builds available for immediate download upon payment completion. They may be exclusive or non-exclusive, catering to different preferences.

  2. Custom Projects: Tailored to your specifications, custom projects are built to your taste and theme, with the involvement of skilled creators. While they may take longer to deliver, they ensure a personalized experience.

  1. Your purchase of any premade products from Soltion Studios does not grant you ownership rights. Redistribution, passing off as your own, or commercial use of purchased products is strictly prohibited.

  2. Distribution of purchased products by unauthorized parties is illegal and will be subject to legal action.

  3. Reselling of our products, usage in premade setups, or for commercial purposes is not permitted.

  1. Delivery of all products occurs online, with immediate download options upon payment completion.
  1. All purchases made from Soltion Studios are final. Digital files provided upon purchase are non-refundable.

  2. Attempted chargebacks or fraudulent claims regarding payments will be treated seriously and may result in legal action to recover losses.

  1. Soltion Studios retains copyright ownership of all products, even after your intervention or involvement by third parties.

  2. Unauthorized use of our images, logos, renders, or other materials is prohibited without explicit permission from our team.

  1. By purchasing products from Soltion Studios, you automatically agree to these ToS.

  2. It is your responsibility to stay updated on any changes to these ToS. Major changes may be notified to you.

  3. These ToS remain valid for the duration of your usage of Soltion Studios' services or products.