🛸 HUB / Spawn Sci-fi 🚀 (a)
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🛸 HUB / Spawn Sci-fi 🚀 (a)

A futuristic gateway to Minecraft realms, boasting sleek design and advanced technology for immersive adventures.
• Java World & Schem 1.8 , 1.12 , 1.16 , 1.19
• Minecraft Bedrock .mcworld file
• Recommendations folder

$ 5.79

Build Information

🛸 HUB / Spawn Sci-fi 🚀 (a):

"HUB/Spawn Sci-fi" features a futuristic-themed central hub and spawn area designed to immerse players in a sci-fi adventure from the moment they enter the Minecraft world. With sleek, cutting-edge architecture and advanced technological elements, this hub serves as a visually stunning starting point for exploration and collaboration. From towering skyscrapers to pulsating energy cores, every detail is meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of wonder and possibility. Whether players are embarking on epic quests or simply gathering to socialize, the HUB/Spawn Sci-fi provides a captivating backdrop for their adventures in the vast and limitless universe of Minecraft.

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